Now this is truly a joy. I love the idea of hosting a real baby shower, one that embodies all of the ideas and values that come with them and to do so in a way that is a real joy. A baby shower isn’t about the presents, the food, or the festivities. No. It is about the chance to sprinkle somebody special in your life with love and admiration.

This is the true purpose of the baby shower. Everything else is just extra.

An Adorable Day

No matter how you shape it it is hard to deny how about an adorable baby shower can be. And it should be adorable. It is our day.

Having a baby is a monumental moment for just about all of us. It doesn’t have to be our first child either. When you are pregnant it encompasses many of our thoughts. There is of course the concerns, but there is the joy, too. And a baby shower is a joyous event. One that should be cute. And that is why there are so many different ideas out there. Invitations are one of the aspects where this can easily be seen.

They off so much variety, each cuter than the next.

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A baby shower is also an expression. One that voices the thoughts, likes, or wishes a young mother might have in a very visual form. Invitations are more than a simple piece of paper. They give us a chance to share something that is close to our heart.

You may be thinking that the guest of honor is not the one that chooses the cards.

And you would be right.

The invitations are chosen by the people who are hosting the baby shower. But if you are hosting then you will know how much desire there is to choose things for the shower that will appeal to the honoree. Something that will help the attendees get a better sense of who your friend is if they don’t have the good fortune to know her as well as you.

And there are a multitude of different ways for them to get to know her. Just like there are so many different ways to host the baby shower.

A Gender Reveal

I have been so blessed. I have learned many wonderful ways to celebrate a baby shower; ways that defy the way I once thought about baby showers, how they could be celebrated, and just how creative they can be when given the chance to be creative. I discovered that a baby shower isn’t simply a party. It is a unique opportunity to sprinkle somebody close to us with love. This is evident when you read about peoples’ search for the right way to approach a gender reveal, the baby shower invitation is just one aspect of that. Or taking on the responsibility and building up the momentum needed to organize something as potentially stressful as a baby shower but then realizing how much of a joy they can be.

There are many ways for you to take the party. Some of them take a truly unique path. One that leaves everybody guessing.

That is a gender reveal baby shower.

It isn’t for little boys, or girl baby showers. But for both.

I thought that I would include this style since, to me they were completely new. The whole idea that nobody would know before the celebration was underway, to me, was unthinkable. Well, unthinkable is the wrong word. I could easily see how much room for fun they presented. But I am such a sucker for guessing that I would totally get a huge thrill out of this style of shower, for one because it really is something that everyone is thinking about in the first place.

I am sure that you can guess how these baby showers are styled before I reveal it. But for those of you who aren’t here is a little hint. It involves multiple choice. 😉

When you hear that a friend or family member is pregnant you probably say something along the lines of “I wonder what it will be… a boy or a girl,” or “I bet she will have a girl.” There aren’t a lot of possibilities but until they go to their doctor for the ultrasound the baby’s gender for most of us is a cute mystery.

But what if they don’t share?

What happens when they want to keep the babies gender secret until a later date? This can produce a lot of curious inquiries but if they really do intend to keep things under wraps incorporating it into the baby shower is an adorable idea.

It gives them the chance to announce it while everyone that is close to them is in attendance.

And as far as I can see this is a big benefit for the gender reveal. A gender reveal baby shower saves you some head ache along the way. One story that comes to mind was when a close friend shared the news with her friends. Her mother was second on the list and it totally hurt her feelings. It wasn’t a big deal, but that hierarchy that some people put into place for themselves can get offended when you don’t follow it. Not that you need to.

A nice benefit of the gender reveal then is that everybody get learns the news at the same time. And that saves you the trouble of figuring out which ones need to know first.

And gender reveal invitations are just as cute as a button.

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A Lot Of Potential

Do you feel like there is a lot of potential when it comes to hosting a baby shower? Then you are right. There really is.

A baby shower is as you might have already realized a very personal type of party. Still that does not mean that there aren’t a lot of ways for you to draw inspiration from the many different styles of shower that have already been held. This is a good way for you to see what would work for you and what wouldn’t. How you can organize different aspects that will fit for you and identify the ones that might not work out.

This is a huge help when it comes to getting the day prepared.

And it gives you the ability to achieve the success that you want all the while by only making the plans that are necessary for the style of shower that you are planning.

It’s true, there are many ways to plan a baby shower, and the way that you plan yours is dependent on the result you want to achieve.

Learn from what others have done so you can also avoid making their mistakes. It will save you a lot of stress in the end.

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Each and every baby shower, no matter if it is a gender reveal or another type have one thing in common. They share the same potential.

This is a very simple potential. It doesn’t need to be complicated, costly, or time consuming. It needs to fulfill one very simple task. It must provide an opportunity for you and your guests to sprinkle mommy with love, admiration, and of course respect. Pregnancy, carrying a child is something that can only be fully understood by those who have done it. Until then the true implications of nurturing the life an unborn child can only be guessed, and it is our chance to show mommy how much we care and appreciate her work with the baby shower.

Don’t let this potential go to waste. Host a baby shower that is fun, entertaining, and fulfills its purpose. You can do it.

What we looked at today were just the ABCs of baby showers. There are so many ways for you to get creative. And there are even more chances for you to hunt up great designs and welcome the little pumpkin into the world.

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